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One thing that surprises me about this list (and it is really really wonderful) is that there are no young adult authors here. I realize that it is a "literary" list, but in a year where MT Anderson rocked everyone's world with "Octavian Nothing", I'm sure that there are many many YA authors who did not receive the NBA who did similar impressive work. Off the top of my head, I would say look to Catherine Fisher and her Grail King novel "Corbenic" and William Bell with his impressive anti-war novel, "The Blue Helmet". Both are astounding and as someone who reads a fair amount of adult lit each year (and adores the unrecognized Caitlin Kiernan and Scarlett Thomas), I think they are books that adult readers would be impressed with as well.

Trevor Jackson

Thanks for the feedback, Colleen. Your criticism's a fair cop, though I'd argue Jeff Ford (to name one) would be great reading for a high school student. We certainly place no restrictions on who contributors can recommend and tried to be pretty expansive in who we ask to contribute.

We'll dig a little more deeply next year in searching out YA-lit bloggers. (It occurs to me, too, that we're missing graphic novelists on here. Something else to think about.)

Thanks again for the recommendations!


Gwenda just got me over at my blog that one of her recs (Gregorian) is a YA author. So you did have at least one! (And trust Gwenda to include her!)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for compiling this list. It's nice to see people like Jeff Vandermeer, Jeff Ford, Laird Hunt, etc. get acknowledgement for their craft. I haven't read many of the others but will be sure to put them on my list.


Donald Harington's missing, but quite a good list.


Very much enjoyed my stroll through your a poet and an avid reader, I found it both an enlightening and enriching stay. I thank you...


Thanks for the list. My most recent discovery was Ron Carson, an astonsihing writer who I expect to see ranked with Chabon, Cheever, Carver, (y'know, the C Boys) for his short fiction alone.

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