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Jenny D

I have an Iain Banks obsession! Not the science fiction so much, but the other ones are amazing. I can't even say what are my favorites--"Canal Dreams" was one of the first ones that blew me away, but "Crow Road" is the classic & I especially love "The Business" and "Whit" (oh, and "Complicity" too). One of the things I like most about his novels are the excellent female protagonists. Everyone should read "Whit" in particular!

Terri Saul

Hi Jenny, I'm happy to find a fellow Banks obsessive! I still have many of his books in my TBR pile. I'll have to search out a copy of "Whit". Thanks for the additional recommendations.

Ellen Datlow

I loved Banks' first two novels THE WASP FACTORY and WALKING ON GLASS--and yes, CANAL DREAMS is also wonderful. I have to admit I've not read his sf (although I read part of "The Bridge" years ago, considering it as a stand alone for OMNI Magazine. Didn't take it though.

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