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Brian Coutts

Kirby was a featured speaker in Western Kentucky University Libraries Kentucky Live! series in December, 2005 and both read from his new novel "Our Napoleon in Rags" and discussed his journey as a writer. See my review of this novel in the Bowling Green Daily News, Sunday, November 27, 2005, page 12C. "It's an intriguing novel of extraordinary characters which linger in your mind long after you finish the novel."

Gann's 2004 novel "The Barbarian Parade: Or, Pursuit of an Un-American Dream" was Kentucky Educational Television's Bookclub book of the month in July, 2005. "It's a coming-of-age
novel of unusual depth which tells the story of a small town Kentucky boy who aspired to become a professional soccer player and managed to do so while preserving his humanity and
dealing with a very dysfunctional family."

Kirby is a writer to watch!

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