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Wow, you guys have really outdone yourselves. Great list!

Johan Anglemark

How are the literary big names Michel Houellebecq and Ryszard Kapuscinski not receiving "the attention they should"? At least in Europe everything they publish is reviewed in all major media, and at least Kapuscinski is consistently nominated for the Nobel prize every year. Is this a unique American phenomenon or what do the people who nominated these two widely fêted and internationally recognized writers mean by "not to be receiving the attention they should"?

I'm not criticizing, I'm curious from a European perspective. All in all, great list, though!


I would recommend Leora Skolkin-Smith's "Edges." This is the first novel to be published by Grace Paley's Glad Day Books, and the connection between editor and writer is clear: Skolkin-Smith combines a strong political sensibility (in this case regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) with deep humanity and a gripping story. Skolkin-Smith has an almost Proustian ability to draw the reader into the physical world she describes. This is a fascinating debut.

Jozef Imrich


What a neat yet thought-provoking list peppered with amazing links ..
CODA: Lists are mass therapy

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