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July 02, 2009



I recently came across your blog and thought you and your readers might also be interested in another favorite of mine, an online lit mag called Narrative Magazine (at http://www.narrativemagazine.com). It offers its contents for free and also accepts all types of submissions (fiction, poetry, art, photography, non-fiction, etc.) Narrative also has a few contests going on now that I think your readers might enjoy. Hope you have a chance to check it out and maybe mention it in your blog or links section!

Richard Grayson

I would love to see reviews of books with a golden spine. My favorite is The Tawny, Scrawny Lion and next, The Poky Little Puppy. My mom used to read them to me 57 years ago. I found them in a Phoenix supermarket and read them to her (she's got Alzheimer's), and they are still a great parent/child bond.

Edward Champion

Hello! I recently came across your blog. First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction. I am sure and have confidence in your literary ability and reliability to prosecute a publishing transaction of great magnitude involving Narrative Magazine and requiring maximum confidence.

As you may not know, the editor of Narrative Magazine is in ill health and requires a financial transaction to stay alive for the next 25 years. As the High Commander of Literary Magazine Review Panel, I am interested in importing numerous literary magazines from Nigeria in a good faith cultural effort between our two countries. Ordinarily, I would use my good standing at the Literary Magazine Review Panel to acquire the appropriate funds. But because the editor of Narrative Magazine is in poor health, I am otherwise busy.

Therefore, we would like to share the money with you if you send the funds to our Nigerian address. Please write to us with more details of the project. This will provide for great literary harmony between our two nations.


Goodness Ed is a chump.

Those children are simply gorgeous, Jeff. Amusez-vous bien - how is their mother?


Our blog/life synchronicity is starting to get weird, pal.

Shruti Chandra Gupta

Congratulations. Your kids are so cute. I am a first timer at your blog. Will follow.

Jim H.

Been there, Done that. Got the slobbered on t-shirts (and dress shirts) to prove it. Loved every nanosecond and phase and era of it. Believe it or not, they get even more interesting as they get older.

Blog when you can, or must.

Jim H.

PS. Good call, Ed.


So exciting to see a new picture of Presley and Harper! They are growing up so fast... and Marlie too!

I'm including a link to our little fellow's picture site. He is a big fan of libraries and books, so he'll probably be a Syntax of Things fan in about 18 years...


Not really sure where to start . . .
It's been almost six years -- was with you guys in San Diego, in Golden Hill and South Park. And most memorably, with Scott. Beautiful children, very happy for you and Elaine. T

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You have very pretty angels.


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mai wen

Despite your very justified hiatus, your blog is still one of my faves, so here's to your awesomeness!


We still need to get our crazy kids (all future writers, of course... or do we really want them to have such a miserable adult life?) together sometime soon!


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Pandora Bracelete

They are so lovely!!!


Twins plus one! No wonder you don't have time to blog. I have one 10 year old and a 9 month old. It's enough to make me crazy sometimes.

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