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November 16, 2008


Cynthia Closkey

Happy birthday, and many happy returns on the day.

I'm glad you're thinking of not dropping the blog altogether. We'd miss you.

WordPress has a nifty iPod app for posting on the run; I don't know whether TypePad does.


Happy birthday.

I was 38 once and got a nice present, too: the new Milli Vanilli album.


Happy birthday! Glad you're back.


Happy Belated Wishes!

I too am glad you came to your senses and realized that blogging is supposed to be a thing of enjoyment, spontaneous and creatively motivating, otherwise it reads ever so dreary and is fairly obvious when the writer is forcing it... think you stated it best:

"I should just take things as they come, when they come, and how they come."

*Your d is adorable!*

-cheers *t


Happy birthday Jeff! (I should have remembered, yours is the day after mine)

Are you coming to Birmingham over the holidays? E-mail me if you are and we can share a meal. With my wife in school, we are staying in town.


just hopping on some writing blogs. lovely daughter you got there!

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