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May 26, 2008



I guess I don't think it's a sea-change from what I read of his original article just an hour or so ago.

I have to say that I think bloggers are incredibly defensive and see attacks where there aren't any.


I guess you and I are reading two different articles, Richard. Hard to misinterpret a quote like, "The omens are not encouraging" in his "chapter" on book blogs. I don't necessarily think that McCrum is attacking as much as he's part of the ever-growing population of old-school reviewers who do not fully understand or embrace the change. At least in McCrum's case he seems to be backing away from his stance or perhaps he didn't make this clear enough in his original article and felt he needed to clarify. So be it. I don't think I'm the only one who read his original article as being at the very least disparaging to blogs.

Besides, how can you not read into what has been written the last year or so as anything but attacks on blogs? The message has been pretty clear that somehow we are doing more damage than good.

the Minister of Words, Sports and Tourism

I, the Minister of Words, Sports and Tourism, am no expert on these extremely complicated Public Relations and Marketing Department things but, according to my colleagues over at the Ministry of Information and Propaganda, this seems to be an extremely complicated Public Relations and Marketing Department thing that I fundamentally choose to neither support nor oppose (until I know which option is the most profitable one).

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