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May 24, 2008



Wow. Just...wow. The only way people of this "stature" can come to these conclusions is if they simply trust what "others" are saying and don't look into the matter (or read the litblogs) themselves.

And how can one maintain such "credibility" if one never reads for oneself?


Also, how can he praise "word of mouth" and not realize that this is one of the main functions of the litblog?


Ruiner of Sacred Empires. I like the sound of that.

Dan Wickett

Wait! What? He didn't have kind things to say about SoT or Maud? Or literary bloggers in general???


Now that Mr. McCrum has dismissed our work, I don't know how I can find it in me to continue. You may not realize this, but all of my labors have been explicitly tied into the approval of Mr. McCrum. It is now clear where he stands, and I shall swallow the cyanide tomorrow. No reason to blog. No reason to live.


I thought some of his ten things were, if obvious, certainly correct about the changes brought about in the books industry, from Amazon to Kindle. This is someone looking back on a career in writing about books. His comments about blogs were a small part of an article that for the most part was a pretty good summary from a British perspective.

The changes happening in the publishing industry with literature have been happening in all the other arts, too. They're pretty much unstoppable. As with all changes, there are many things gained but undeniably some things are lost.

I expect the first wave of book bloggers will be looking back in some years and saying they remember a better "golden age" of publishing.

Litblogs will eventually disappear or morph into something else, and someone will, like the people who mourn stuff from every past era, decry their end.


Like Mel Brooks says, we mock what we eventually become.

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