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May 22, 2008



God, everyone on that list sucks.

Except GbV. I'll hunt you down and cut out your knee tendons if you say anything bad about GbV.

But really, I'll never understand why Tori Amos fans just don't listen to Kate Bush, whose every idea Amos brazenly stole.


Springsteen would be an exception to the suck list. I have to agree with Chuck about GBV's fans. They are an interesting bunch. I think the Hold Steady, if they stick around, will probably have similar fans. At least I got that impression when I saw them live.

Amos is a notch or two less annoying than Kate Bush. Something about Bush used to send me into a hypnotic trance followed by a pounding headache coupled with a desire to shoot unicorns.


This is actually something very important for me to remember as a writer. I know there are people out there who will love my books, even though other people don't seem to "get" them at all.

Jimmy Beck

How can the Grateful Dead and Phish not sit atop this list? What about Tom Jones and all those panties?

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