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January 29, 2008



Amen. I understand completely. My silences usually indicate that I'm trying to have a social life. (What can you write about if you're not living, I say.)


It took me a while. I didn't get totally back up to speed until both my kids had learned to read on their own. Suddenly I can sit on the couch and read and my kids now bring their books and read next to me, instead of climbing on top of me. It's so great.


Well, what the hell book was it? Aren't you supposed to tell us?


Good to hear from you again, Jeff. Send the PacNW some sun and warm weather. Please oh please. (A few good book recommendations would suffice)

auntie scott

hooray! you're back. so really, what book did you read? i need a good recommendation. i've read all the h. crews i can find.

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