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December 04, 2007



It all sounds eerily like some sort of church function, doesn't it? Community gatherings, feel-good songs with strong moral (oops, I mean ethical) teachings--I wonder how far from religion they've actually strayed? They've pulled the best out of the religious experience, left the fire and brimstone and the human sacrifice behind, but all of the superficial vestiges of religion are still there. We have to recognize that their ritualization of the Atheist experience is ostensibly religious in and of itself. I'm trying to be my PC best here (I'll bet you'll never tell how I come down on this: atheist? agnostic? clergyman?). I guess that what it comes down to is, does it work for them? Does it? Truly?


hmmm...I agree with your comments Brian...not to mention that those young children may themselves may be coerced in to 'believing' in their own 'atheism.' Thank goodness we all grow up to think for ourselves...eventually.


humans being social animals is the "best [of] the religious experience"? i thought religion had something to do with God or gods? atheists are no different from other people - they merely disbelieve in one god more than monotheists do.


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