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November 12, 2007



Dear god. First I had to deal with Jewel shoving ads in my face in the grocery checkout line, now I have to deal with this? I think not. Bye-bye Borders.

Anyone else feel like we are drifting further and further into a Minority Report world?


PLEASE support your local INDEPENDENT bookstore...and ask others to do the same.


TVs not meant to be intrusive? Isn't intrusiveness TV's most prominent quality? Directing customers to the Borders website when they're already inside the Borders store? What the hell does that accomplish, other than letting customers know how poorly stocked Borders stores are?

The execs can try to dress it up all they want, but this is all about the media conglomerates getting their commercials into bookstores, maybe to sell other products to make up for the books that nobody's buying. Our dumbed-down culture just got dumbed down a little further.

Jimmy Beck

Mmm....television. I loves me some flat-screen plasma, yo.


Time to invest in a TV-B-Gone !

R Ellis

Now I won't even cut through to get to the parking lot.

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