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October 17, 2007



Jeff -- it's so hard when a dog's not well. Hope Hannah responds to the treatment and feels better soon.

Cynthia Closkey

Hoping for the best for Hannah and for you.


Take care, Jeff. Very sorry to hear of this, and I hope Hannah recovers.

Geoff Young

Jeff, I'm so sorry to hear about Hannah. The two people and two old dogs in this house wish both of you well...


That's rough, man. I'll hope for the best for you.


Definitely a tough time. Sorry for you. I am gearing up for the same with a 12 year old lab... have convinced myself that letting him go is in HIS best interest-- jacking around with vets and pills and tests and cures is in MY best interest. And after all, if there is a heaven and dogs go there-- why should I deny him?


Take care, Jeff. Been there and it's one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. But you'll know when it's time.

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