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September 07, 2007



Aw, that is the best one yet.


Crop out the book and finger, squint your eyes, and you can see her at senior prom -- which, for Mommy and Daddy, as the monkey said after the lawnmower ran over his tail, it won't be long now. It won't even seem like it, so you should enjoy every minute till then.


Hopefully she won't have that cat scratch across her face when she goes to her senior problem, assuming I let her go that is.


Vollman's book would have its very own shelf. Lovely photo...enjoy these early years. They'll be gone before you know it.

auntie scott

man, she sure does point alot!

Lauren Cerand

I was just saying today to my sister while walking in the East Village that kids in New York are dressed better than me, and I always want to say, "Where you'd get those boots, baby?" etc. And now I realize that it's universal-- loooove that haircut. It's so Selma Blair.

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