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August 20, 2007



Jeff, the book review isn't on Times Select. Anyone can access it for free just by registering with the Times, as seems pretty common with a lot of newspapers. They may send you occasional emails, but I just don't seem to get many from the papers I've registered with (probably about twenty).

Times Select, as far as their print content, has mostly been about their op-ed and other columnists, and it looks as if Sulzberger has realized it was a mistake the website will undo, as the rumor is it will end very shortly. But nearly every day some bloggers with Times Select seemingly cut and pasted columns of Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman, and the others into their blogs. Very often the names of Times columnists appeared as the most-searched terms on Technorati.


You're right, Richard. I was going to the wrong place this morning when I first looked for it. They seem to have a version behind the Times Select wall also.

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