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August 14, 2007



I sympathize. Last week I saw a dogfood commercial that used Magnetic Fields "I Think I Need a New Heart" as the bed music.

I think I need a new heart.

Cynthia Closkey

I couldn't watch past the first 10 seconds.


My thoughts exactly, Jeff. My daughter had the show on last night and neither of us could believe it...surely TW didn't give the permission to use it...I would like to think it was his song publisher or something. Dig me a hole, please. Hang in there...the heat/humidity will be gone in a few weeks. thanks for the post


Confession time: 1. I watch - and enjoy watching - this show. 2. I can't listen to Tom Waits. Fingernails on a chalkboard is more pleasant. 3. The combination of the two made Tom "I just swallowed a bucket of sand and now I'm going to sing for you" Waits a bit more tolerable for me.

Blockade Boy

What gets me is that the choreographer, Wade Robson, acts like a tortured genius and yet 2/3 of his dances are recycled from the "Thriller" video. Enough with the zombies, you douche!

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