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August 29, 2007



Besides both being set in Texas, I'd say they share a chance for the films' directors to salvage their respective careers. Each of their last films didn't exactly measure up to previous work (i.e., compare The Ladykillers to Raising Arizona and Punch Drunk Love to Boogie Nights).


The Coens make one fairly lousy film and suddenly they've got to "salvage their career"? Sure they've made a dozen films without a single serious misstep, but what have they done for us lately?


Close Trevor.


Damn. I'll keep thinking, Jeff.

Tim, it's not just one movie. The last few movies, they've been off their game. What was that George Clooney, Zeta Jones thing? They need to go back to writing their own movies again. Stop with the remakes and adaptations. To be fair, the Coens at their worst are still miles ahead of Michael Bay at his best, so grain of salt, yo.

Dan Wickett

Is this the first time for both that they are adaping screenplays from novels? I don't know the
history of the Coen Brothers movie re-do, was it just based on an older movie, or a novel too?

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