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July 26, 2007



By the word? Holy crap I'm screwed.

Richard Grayson

Oh, I just re-read our contract, and I see I misinterpreted it. Apparently it says that *I* have to pay *YOU* by the word for rental of blog space.

How do I delete this post and replace it with: "I had fun. Irina won"?


Haha. You also missed the part that says "Jeff is forever in your debt but his ability to pay depends mostly on the number of diapers his child soils in the next two weeks." She has been asoiling o plenty.


Do you have a viable business but lack the necessary finances to get it off it’s feet?


The new year is already knocking at the door, let it will bring only happiness and joy.


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

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