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June 21, 2007



Yea, she wouldn't want to redeem her name through her writing. That's a comment on our condition.


The problem is, in this case the writer/persona--not necessarily the writing--became cause celeb. Redemption at this point, while not out of the question, will be tough. Maybe not quite James Frey tough due to the fact that her/JT's persona was built on a sort of absurdity to begin with, but it will still be a hard won battle if she's able to do it. Will be interesting to watch.


I really thought it was a case of the emperor's new clothes. As you may remember, JT Leroy was everywhere hip and happening, and some of us out in the hinterlands had no idea what all the hype was about. The imputedly autobiographical fiction was usually maudlin and trite.

So even though I saw a lot of editors (Marc Smirnoff, in the Oxford American, for example) spend a lot of ink decrying the fraudulence of Leroy's occasional nonfiction, it seemed like a massively flustered cover-up of how readily they had all been suckered into wearing Leroy's traumatized heart on their sleeves.

This new wrinkle is even more disturbing to me, I have to say. Putting all of Leroy/Albert's interviews and essays aside, you're talking about someone writing under a pen name. So anyone out there who wants to do the same would be well advised to look into operating under an official d/b/a before signing any contracts. It seems the spirit of artistic play does not have room to flutter in a highly commodified culture.

Brian Hadd

Alpert, Albert?

She gets to meat when talking on character. Creepy, a tad!


I've fired the proofreader.


I was referring to an attempt to redeem the name before her phantom pseudonym reared his ugly head. Now it is tarnished more than our obese friend with the tender soul.

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