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June 05, 2007



I'm also a former student of Sheila's - I love her but she's not one to embrace technology easily. I've honestly seen toasters cause her moderate anguish. Part of my work at that time involved some networking stuff (tech-y things that other instructors, some her best friends, encouraged me to pursue) but her response, in a regal South African accent, "I'm noat shore aboaut all theez macheenz." I found her very valuable in a complementary way.

So, I'd just suggest you view any statements she makes about the Internet the same as you might your parents or grandparents.

Geoff Young

As one who has at least pretended to be a struggling musician at various points in life, I have to say good for Wilco. All talented bands should be so fortunate.

Good luck with Percietta and Delia. Feel better soon...


Tweedy defends the ad here:


I'm neither a Wilco fan in general (I went with the Sun Volt side of the family after the divorce) or a Tweedy fan in particular, but it's his product to do with what he wants.


Re: Tweedy and Wilco: I know, I know. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. Still, more power to him for selling out. He's got kids to send to college after all.


percietta and delia? sounds like good names for twins!

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