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May 17, 2007



Wow. That's huge. Looks like Nash is retaining a bit of control. I gotta say, good for Soft Skull. At a different point, they might have been smashed up rather than swallowed.

R Ellis

Here's my Utopian vision: Nash sticks to his standards and is loyal to his authors, but multiplies their readerships and makes them some money. Could it happen? We can hope...


Charlie Winton has been indie for 30 years. Jack Shoemaker, for 40. The company Winton founded, PGW, almost exclusively distributed independents. Jack founded North Point and Counterpoint. This is phenomenal news. No one is getting swallowed. It's more like a combining of the best of east and west coast independent publishing. Nash is retaining a lot of control and will now have even more resources.

(disclosure: my first novel, http://www.radiantdays.com>Radiant Days, was published by http://www.shoemakerhoard.com>Shoemaker & Hoard.)

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