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April 25, 2007



I'm feeling ya, Jeff. I had a similar panic when a blanket (a blanket!) showed up as a gift. The blanket had a certain pair of ears belonging to a cartoon mouse stitched into the corner. My stomach dropped for a moment at the sight. I'd rather The Boy not be attached to branded goods and services, but what can you do? Kids like what they like. There's plenty of time and plenty of other ways for us as parents to teach our kids about marketing tactics and resistance to ploys and bandwagoneering.


You've probably chosen by now...but here's my two cents! When my daughter was a toddler, we had a "Go, Dog, Go!" party for her. It satisfied my literary desires, and the kids had fun getting their faces painted like dogs and throwing beanbags at a big foamcore painting of one of the dogs from the book. I forget what other stuff we did...but it was pretty fun! Have a great party!!

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