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April 16, 2007


Bill Ectric

I love the idea of students using typewriters for On The Road book reports!


Speaking of book smells and Faulkner, I have an old, used copy of _Light in August_ I was taking to the gym to read on the elliptical. It didn't seem to smell if you held it to your nose, but I'd leave it in my locker for 20-30 minutes before taking it out and the locker sure smelled. I attributed it to something gym-y, like socks, but it began and ended with carrying that book.

Maybe I can contribute it to the Cambridge study.


Re. the Steinbeck issue... You know, it's the same problem at where I work now. Why are schools willing to change external surroundings to accommodate students when they should be preparing students to deal with external reality?

And it seems to me that someone preparing for "the ministry" should have an even better understanding of the human condition, not less. Why are many Christians not willing to face books and all they contain with compassion for the heartbroken nature of man?

God help us all...

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