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April 16, 2007



Thank you, thank you.


That is great, Jeff. Definitely the best thing I've seen all day.


What a precious angel! And oh, those cheeks! Thank you.


God, she's beautiful. So sweet!

When she tipped over I thought she was going to take a nap and then I was really jealous, because at that age my kids always screamed themselves to sleep!


I'm a VT student. Thanks for your words. We're all still in shock here, it's going to be hard for a long time. The outpouring of support from the rest of the world is amazing though, helps us so much to know that we're not alone.
thank you.

Bill Ectric

Bonnie, is there still a restaurant in Blacksburg called The Greek's?

I wasn't going to post the following link because I thought it might look like I was calling attention to myself, but this really is a heart-felt expression of how I feel, http://billectric.wordpress.com/>here.

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