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April 12, 2007


auntie scott

asked if he could pick his own afterlife, k.v.jr. responds: That's a hard question, not one that a humanist concerns himself with too often. I guess it would be near water. But not just any water -- it would have to be on a Great Lake. I can't stand salt water. It takes like chicken soup. You live out east, huh? Don't you get sick of the salt water?
asked if he meets god in the afterlife, he responds: Well, if I really do take a railroad train to the afterlife, I would have no idea how to speak directly to him. It would be like talking to Shakespeare. How could I compete with God or him? I guess I would turn to Ben Franklin and ask him ''How do you fucking talk to God?''
God bless you Mr. Vonnegut, you helped me make it through highscool.


Found some great Vonnegut reviews here.

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