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April 02, 2007


Dan Wickett

"it's not getting the 300 other chemicals that it gets from an average cigarette"

Surely you can find some rat shit lying around somewhere, ingest it, and cut this down to 299, right? And isn't there a funeral home around you can huff some formaldahyde (sp?)?


Go get 'em, Jeff.


Well done for giving up the deadly weed. To make it easier on yourself, I really think you should try hypnotherapy. (If you were nearer, I would offer to help you for free.)

Hypnotherapy is by far the most effective way to stop smoking. Nicotine is completely out of your body in four to five days (the other chemicals may take a couple of days longer), so you can beat the physical addiction very quickly. It's all the subconscious stuff that makes things harder... associations, coping mechanisms, writing routine, etc, etc...

Find yourself a good practitioner who should be able to help in one session - and who should make you a CD that you can play at home to reinforce the positive suggestions. The added bonus is that hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis are fantastic for creativity and writing! Good luck!


Hey Jeff.. another year has gone by I am curious to find out if you successfully quit smoking?

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Steve Wiebe

I started smoking American Spirits before I finally quit. They don't have all of the chemical additives the commercial cigs do. So at least I didn't have to withdraw from the chemicals and the nicotine at the same time. That's really tough.

Aidan Parker

I stopped smoking over a year ago now and hope that you have succeeded as well. Personally I used a combination of Champix and some hypno-therapy in MP3 format.


Lobotomy might be going a bit too far. Funny though. I think the thing to remember is that we're all different and different things work for different people. Sounds like you're determined and persistent though, and that will go a long way in helping you quit.


Here you guys go I have a handfull of friends that are using these, its called Smoke assist. What it does is it uses vapors to intake the nicotine vs. smoke. It is a cheaper alternative the cigarettes and it is also safe and legal to use in public settings check out the site and give it a shothttp://bvincey2002.getadeal.us/public_side/

e cigarette

Wow great post. Sounds like you did your homework.


Very informative post. You have made some good points. I especially found it useful where you said that your body is "not getting the 300 other chemicals that it gets from an average cigarette."
I guess that's one of the reasons quitting smoking is hard.


Quitting smoking is incredibly hard. I have been trying myself for months. I have decided to make myself a personal website of the benefits of quitting http://www.helptoquitcigarettes.com then every time i work on it I remind myself a little why I should be quitting. I do not have much on there yet, but I am building it. I hope this serves as a good took in my own quitting process.

Quit Smoking

"I smoke for a reason and realized so many reasons to stop"

Hope someone would reflect on that simple phrase. As an ex-smoker, it's really a health-risking way to light a stick for just one reason - to feel relaxed.

To be able to help someone, feel free to visit http://quitsmokingwithtransition.com for more info on how to quit smoking habits.


Way too easy to not even try. lol

Quitting Smoking Hypnosis

As a hypnotherapist who helps people stop smoking I certainly hop you chose hypnosis over labotomy.


Smoking cigarettes is a choice as well as quitting. I really believe that smoking is bad for the health. One way of getting over it is hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis could really help those who have the determination to stop. It has been proven with those testifying how hypnosis help them.

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We're all rooting for you! No doubt you've tried just about everything, but don't ever give up. I know you have the power inside you to quit smoking. Don't let the evil cigarette or your own brain beat you!


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