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March 02, 2007



If it's any consolation, I didn't meet my word count goal and my main concern was finishing the story and meeting deadline (must be the old journalist in me) rather than creating a refined piece of art. I guess that's the fun of it.

Corey V.

Good god - I thought I was alone.

I've got three stories, all started but not close to finished. I'd get about 1000 words into it and - SURPRISE! - find myself unconvinced that any of the characters could do anything more than highlight my hackiness. So I'd quit, start anew, bring the good parts back, lose track, search for the ending, wonder what the hell I was doing, and then - thanks to a vacation - give up completely on all three as individual pieces.

So, yeah. ShoStoWriMo will have to go on into Ma. ShoStoWriMoMaAprMay. Who knows.


I had all good intentions to participate but I didn't even put one word to paper or word processor. I have been working on a few new songs - the response to those is so much more immediate - but didn't quite finish any of those either.

Anyway, you shouldn't view it as a failure. You wrote and that was the whole point, right? So congrats.

Cynthia Closkey

I didn't even start, so I believe that everyone who made an honest attempt is a winner of some stripe.


I didn't participate in February (as I was wrestling with my existential I'm not really a writer just a blogger crisis), but now that I've come out on the other side, I'm ready to give it a go.

Any chance that March can be the new February?


heh, and to think i was the only one. i got about a half page in and then it all went to the dogs. my premise felt solid but i had no narrative arc. (o the irony)
good thing i got a few poems finished up so as not to feel like a complete failure. and, as the old man once said, "tis better to try and fail.... than just to fail."

Bill S.

I got two pages out of me, and then spent the rest of my energy trying to buff that two-page turd into a diamond. Oh well.


Narrative arc. Narrative arc. Narrative arc?


After Googling, I DO remember that from 9th grade English.


it's all about the rise and fall, baby


hope you don't mind if i jump in - i was inspired by your post to dash off a story (really, i'm just lazy. i cannot "work" on a story. i just write it. if it gets finished, good. if not, forget about it)

it's not much of a story (573 words according to the Open Office Word Count Thingie), but it's here at

The Finder

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