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March 01, 2007



All I know about Enterprise is one night some fellas were in front on Kristina and I at the intersection of Ninth Ave and Brent Lane (or maybe it was Bayou Blvd. at that point) and their truck broke down. They got out and were pushing it so she and I jumped in and started helping. We started talking and they said they were from Enterprise and the next biggest town was ole P-town. We decided to take them to the Handlebar.

To them, Pensacola was like New Orleans.

Swell guys.


They were geographically challenged, Varg. Montgomery is closer. Then again, who the hell wants to go to Montgomery for fun? Actually, I think Tallahassee might be closer, which is a smidge better place than either Montgomery and P'cola, IMO.

I have quite a bit of experience in Enterprise, outside of my near-death one. My uncle coached high school football and his team would play Enterprise every year. I was the waterboy for a few of the teams, including one or two that played in the stadium in Enterprise that you keep seeing on the news footage.

auntie scott

"survival den of inequity" i like that.

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