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February 26, 2007



Those quarterly lists by Zane always bug me - there's no effort put into them at all. Throw all your press announcements in a folder and compile them once every few months. I don't exactly like his other pieces but can't he actually, you know, put forth a little effort to write something and list these in a feature box? They should be something extra we look forward to instead of his appearing to play Tetris all week. I can get this list at the book store.


I agree, George. I think he may be spending too much of his time talking to other writers about the books that they enjoy reading, and perhaps then spending too much time speaking about the book that he wrote based on the books that other writers read. Just a thought.

Dan Wickett

First thing I thought was, nice to see Ron Rash in there, but boy, way to go out on a limb with the list - Knopf, Knopf, FSG, Norton, etc. Was there any book in that list you'd not heard of? Where was Andrea Portes' Hick from Unbridled? Or Rosa Liksom's Dark Places from Dalkey-Archive? Alyson Hagy's Snow, Ashes from Graywolf Press? You get the picture.

As to the SIBA's - nice to see Yarbrough and Franklin get nods - wish Rash would have as well for last year's The World Made Straight, or Gay for Twilight - but nice to see these two in there.


The tipping point for me was when he neglected to mention John Rowell's collection in spring 2003. Simon and Schuster. Brother of a former NandO employee if not lit-related co-worker. Fayetteville native and UNC grad. Duke-alum editor who then moves to Algonquin. Squat.

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