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February 01, 2007



You know Vargy's in for 6K.


I'm gonna give it a go. Just mentioned it on my blog, so I'd guess I'd better. :)


arrrgh! fiction is hard! No way I'll make 6K. the 1500 i got is garbage.


Bugger! I'm a bit late. Either I put in something I whipped up earlier, as the cooking shows might put it, or I wait till next year. NEVAH MIND.


geez, you really did have to pick the shortest, most jam pack month of the year, eh.

John Fox

Well, it's coming to a close and I managed to find time to whip out two short stories. Even though both of them are rough drafts, and one is only 2700 words. Thanks for the inspiration!


I managed only 3500 before edits. I saved the most i9mportant part for the last night. D'oh. This is going to be ugly.

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