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February 07, 2007



Please tell me you at least rooted for North Carolina.

mai wen

Too funny, I'm moving to the Raleigh, NC area in May and have been wondering if I'd feel imposed upon to get into college basketball. I'm a huge NFL football fan, but have never gotten into basketball in general. I especially hate the NBA, but watch parts of March Madness if it happens to be on.

So people really are crazy about their college basketball in North Carolina, eh? I guess I'd better start studying up then.


I was a neutral observer.


poor Samone only gets mentioned ohly in a parentheses...()


When I moved here, I was ambivalent about the teams/schools, although I enjoyed watching college basketball to start with. After being here a few years, I came to hate Duke. Granted, I now work as a UNC employee, but still. It started the night I saw 4 Dukies in formal wear in the front row of the student section at Cameron (on TV). That's pretty much a metaphor for the whole thing. Going undergrad at a small state school with no grade inflation only amplified things - knowing that I was near JJ Redick's birth there makes me feel dirty.

And I'd like to publicly thank Shavlik Randolph for providing so much ammunition. As long as you don't bring your Duke-ness on me, I'm fine.

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