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February 09, 2007



He was on Tom Ashbrook recently and I couldn't get through the whole interview. He seemed like a wiener. Everything in that article seemed contrived.

On another note, perhaps i should open a baby clothing store with baby Chucks and Vans and ACDC shirts.


I'm sure Pollack's an okay guy. Bat Segundo just interviewed him and I quite enjoyed it. I've just never been able to get into the whole Neal Pollack alterego thing. Like someone trying too hard to be something that should require very little effort, and then being proud of said effort so much that he has to remind us of just how cool it was he did what he did.

Um, I think all of those baby items you mention are available. I know I've seen Chucks, and I'm actually going to get Marlie a Ramones T-shirt that I saw a few days ago. That's just because everybody needs a Ramones t-shirt.


The Post Road soiree at AWP last year was centered around the book and the band. I, myself, thought I was listening to Erma Bombeck when he read (and not in a good way). You didn't read Poniewozik's quote as sarcastic? I'll give both sides the benefit of the doubt. I don't want to read the book but think about what *else* these people could be reading.

As far as his band goes/went, I'll quote my friend Russ: "Nothing says punk like covers." And that's not counting the Weird-Al(lan)-Sherman aspect.


Maybe a touch of sarcasm; perhaps I'm feeling a little hypersensitive today.

Charlie Anders

I haven't read Alternadad yet. But does anybody else think Pollack's kid is going to think the Ramones are lame and his dad is an old fart for liking them, once the kid is old enough to have his own taste?

Charlie Anders

PS: If anyone opened a store with baby punk clothes, they would be about five years behind the curve, at least in San Francisco. That stuff is everywhere.


Let me get five years ahead of the curve and open a baby methadone clinic.


to get ahead of the curve, i'm going to market ramones condoms with holes in them. punk'd. (possible alternative: spunk'd)

auntie scott

good one varg.

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