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February 22, 2007



Here are great Scranton Dunder Mifflin shirts: http://pixeldstudio.com/paradeday/index.html


Wow, good catch. I was too busy intermittently laughing and cringing, as usual...


damn you east coasters beating us cali-types to the punch.

Geoff Young

I think after last night's episode, I've finally settled on Jan as the most pathetic character on the show. Everyone else pretty much has an excuse.


There was actually a reference from last season when Dwight and Steve Carell went to Connecticut to save the Scranton branch. I even edited the Wikipedia page, in the trivia section to say that this was possibly a reference to JK's love affair w/ DFW, but someone took it out about 30 seconds later. Stupid Wikipedians.

Soft Cialis

In The Office, what is the name of David Wallace's boss?
HUGE office fan, and the highest ranked person ive heard of is D.W., but who's above him? what is their name?

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