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January 18, 2007



Congrats. The real excitement comes when it melts and turns to slush in the streets and sprays all over your windshield so that you go through half a gallon of fluid just driving to work.

Sorry, it's less and less a novelty the more times I shovel my driveway and the mile of city sidewalk in front of my house which always has a set of ice footprints through it by the time I get to it.

I love Midwestern winter.


We just got our first snow of the year the other day. Weird to make it halfway through January without anything...ah, global warming.


I moved to Chicago anticipating lots and lots of snow (happily I might add). Instead we've had 3 inches, and now North Carolina and LOS ANGELES are getting snow storms. That's just wrong! :)

I hate global warming.


Ah, I envy your snow. We had only a film of snow in Asheville, and it's already melted.

Jimmy Beck

Oh my God, it's the apocalypse on I-40!! Save youselves!!



Spoken like a true Yankee, Mr. Beck.

And yep, hello CAAF.

TJ, I give it about two more snows before the novelty wears off here. First time I have to even think about buying a shovel, it's over.


Should I just whip it out right now?


What is the Rake whipping out?

And will there be a picture in the Men of the LBC Calendar?

Hi, Jimmy! Hi, Jeff!

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