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December 19, 2006


tom l

I love the "Death Alert" idea - gotta start using that. I was a little more touched by the death yesterday of Chris Hayward, one of the writers of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Although I had never heard his name before, unlike Barbera, he probably brought even more joy into my life, with stuff like this - `When the plot requires Bullwinkle to survive a week in the Abominable Manor in England, he says, "Shucks, I've been livin' in an abominable manner all my life!"`


You did not just name-check the Laff Olympics. You hear that sound? That's nostalgia washing over me.

Also, your YouTube selection is well done--iconic. The dog hits the cat, the cat hits the mouse. That's it, exactly.


My first thought upon hearing that he died was that he was the last of my childhood icons. They are all gone now I believe: Seuss, Henson, Hanna, Chuck Jones, Schultz. But at least the cartoons still live.


Hey Robin...nice to see you around these parts again. Yep, they're all pushing up cartoon daisies. And then you have to throw in Capt Kangaroo and Mister Rogers.

TJ, Cap'n Caaa--aaaa--ve-maaaan! I loved that damn show.

Tom, I'm with you. I hadn't heard about Hayward. Good time to try out "death alert" and see how it works. I failed to mention that I also have to use "death alert" when I tell my wife that I spotted some amazing road kill on my way to work, something I'll have to do this afternoon as I did see one very interesting dead animal not far from the office.

tom l

well. gee, now i have to check back to see if you're going to let us know what that very interesting dead animal was! :}


Every now and then, just for fun, say, "death alert: there's a perished possum out on the road" or "death alert: Angelina Jolie died" or "Death Alert: God is dead."

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