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December 05, 2006



If it makes you feel any better, I believe those commercials were done by Phil Morrison, so maybe he gets some residuals each time they run. It's that sort of work that funded "Junebug."


He also does the Mac/PC ads and did the previous VW campaign with Mr. Roboto and the coelecanth-like full-size spare tire.

Regarding Slushpile's diamond problems, I remember watching football over Thanksgiving and seeing a Sears commercial (with the url in script that made it read like "scars.com") for cheap diamonds immediately followed by an ad for "Blood Diamond." Makes me wonder if Warner Bros paid extra for that. I'm sure Sears was none too happy.

But to overlap both of those, I offer the Jared commercials as the most nauseating on television. Maybe ever.


who ever ok'd those VW ads needs to be shot along with whoever is repsonsible for those citibank credit card ads with the faux-easter bloc judd hirsch.


"Faux-Eastern bloc Judd Hirsch" is funny. Those commercials are poor imitations of Wes Anderson movies.

Those VW ads do need to go. They seem part and parcel with America's growing love for torture.


Thanks for the link, Jeff! I am working on that list...


Thanks for the link, Jeff! I am working on that list...

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