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December 07, 2006



At first glance, I was with you on this casting of Vice's commentary as plain stupid. Then I saw that your link to it requires clicking to the previous page at Oxford for background. And there is the opening paragraph to the essay iself.

Now I think you have got it wrong. Vice did the 'this is my flesh and blood' obligatory number about Alabama before he made any comparison with the iconography in a 'post-modern imagist' comparison with Iran or Berlin in the 1930s. I guess that would win over 90% of literate folks in any State of the Union, including Alabama. So what if bigots would run him out of his own state? The same fanatics would do that to a Vice in any other state.

By the way -- I now call Quebec home. Some Quebecois were ready to disown Mordecai Richler when he dissed 'le nation quebecois-francais' in a New Yorker article about 6 or 7 years ago. Yet there are even nationalist French Canayens (original Canadians of the French persuasion) who think Richler deserve a posthumous Nobel Prize.

My main point is that, certainly by the 3rd generation in a state, you can say whatever you want because whatever it is you are talking about flesh 'n' blood. And that 'makes all the diiffeerence'. IMHO


I see your point, and agree with you up to a point. However, this is Alabama we're talking about. It may be his flesh and blood and this may give him more license than some to speak ill of the Bear, but I'll tell you that it ain't gonna win him many fans. It's a weird place, man. Take my word for it.

By the way, some of my post was written with tongue in cheek. But it really isn't that far from the truth.

By the way 2, I've only seen my dad cry three times and once was when he heard the news that the Bear had died.

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