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October 20, 2006



Finding reading time gets better, I remember being similarly frustrated during what my sister calls the "screaming meatloaf" phase of child development.

You can help it get better AND make it good for Marlie by letting her see you read a lot. Obviously right now it's not going to make a huge impact, but soon enough I bet you'll catch her poring through board books very intently. At first it'll be mimicry...but the first time she gets excited because you're going to the library or the bookstore? Payoff!


Jeff, the books will always be there, but these precious moments of your daughter's young life won't. Enjoy every minute you can with her now. Before too long she'll be absorbed by her Gameboy and her friends, and later will go off to college and start her life on her own. Then you can catch up on your reading.

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