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October 31, 2006



I read recently about a Raiders fan who has a tattoo of Al Davis on his chest, from collarbone to navel. At least the guy with the Bear Bryant one doesn't have to look at Bear's ugly mug every time he steps out of the shower.


Have you read Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer? I'm surprised this guy wasn't in there. (Excellent book, btw.)


Becky, I got the story from Warren St. John's blog. He wrote the book. I, however, being the Auburn fan that I am, cannot bring myself to read it. Yet.

Pete, I agree.


I own and wear a houndstooth hat.


Nothing wrong with a houndstooth hat. It's really the only reason to watch an Alabama football game: Co-eds in houndstooth hats...'nuff said.

I'm That Alabama Fan :-)

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I have to explain it to you, then you truly don't understand. I do not wish anyone ill will. This is the way I show my love, the othe 14 large tats that you don't see in the photo.
I'll be there for the Iron Bowl, trying to show not only respect for our foe, but and example of how sportmanship truly is.


I actually own two houndstooth hats. The first one I found in the ladies' section of a thrift store. The second, I bought on sale at a specialty hat shop in San Francisco's Mission district.


Hey MR.Davis
Ilove the tattoos i have a houndstooth circle with a crimson A in it. I took a pic with you at A-Day this year.I love ALABAMA football with a passion.I actually met one of Bear Bryants 1961 football players this weekend named DUFF MORRISION. Im having a Alabama wedding on June 14 2008.Your invited. Im actually trying to decide what great play i would like to have tattooed on me.Your help would be great. Who would know better than you about the great plays.please write back. nice talking to you.

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