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September 15, 2006



My mind has changed completely on this whole Frey business. And I think you make a good argument here in that, you're right, Frey is totally missing the point when it comes to how much he profited from the whole Oprah-debacle.

And even if HE wants to be remembered as one of the great voices of his "generation," there's no way that his book is going to stand out fifty years from now in the same way that "On the Road" has -- Kerouac's book captured a spirit and a feeling that's missing from Frey's book, as good as it is, and it's a good read if nothing else; that special something, that spark of life (cheese-ball, I know) that "A Million Little Pieces" is missing.

Frey's not doing anything new in terms of narrative or storytelling. He's doing something easy. Every single blogger on the 'sphere writes from the heart, with, ahem, "feeling" every day.

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