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September 29, 2006



The way to get birds out of the house is to close all the drapes/blinds and open the door - they'll fly to the brighter light. Of course, that doesn't work at night and I've done this enough to learn that adolescents/chicks don't know enough right off - one hit the door jamb, landed at the threshhold, stared at freedom for a couple of seconds, and then hopped back into the house.

I learned the trick after a flicker came down through my bird-sucking chimney in my first house. If you think a firebox will act like a bird cage so you can go to work and solve the problem later, it won't. Nothing like entering the house and hearing big woodpecker wings flap by your head. That's when I learned that, with the trick above, make sure the bathroom at the top of the stairs is shut off or the window looks a lot like the sun. I had to get help from a Sierra Club member neighbor - I looked silly in gloves and safety goggles carrying a sheet but this was a woodpecker we're talking about.

I have barred owls in my neighborhood. Luckily, it's the not the same owl that's attacking runners across town. I hope they never enter the house - they're so loud it *sounds* like they're in the house. I've also read they go for the eyes when fighting. But I love seeing them out, even when they're having sex in the trees above my house. They're big and spectacular. But, unfortunately, nocturnal.


Owl sex. Call me next time that's happening. Worth a drive to Mary Poppins Lane.


I would, but it only lasts about 2 seconds.


I'll have to let you borrow the video camera.

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