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July 18, 2006



Awesome! And I'm sure you'll always remember that she was born during a Braves hot streak, even as Chipper Jones tied the all-time record for games with an extra-base hit!


Beautiful. She's got a lot of hair. Gets that from her mom, right?

Lauren Cerand

What a beauty! Congrats to you & Elaine and your families on such a lovely addition. And of course I couldn't help but note that Marlena Elise is easily the most (lit-)blogged baby since Shiloh Nouvel -- how chic! V best, LC


Congratulations, Jeff! I'm cheering along for the little Braves fan!


How beautiful she is, Jeff! And her parents look blissed out.

Please continue with more pictures.

Steve Clackson

You are a lucky man! If you want to borrow a couple of 20ish boys to see what its like let me know.
Shipping is free!

Paul Davidson

Wow, I've been MIA from your site and didn't even realize you had a baby! Congratulations.

I've got my first coming in December -- I'm preparing for overdrive.

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