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July 29, 2006



Not only a month old and already has her own guard dogs!


Will the dogs get any closer to her or is that the limit?


Hannah, the lab/husky on the left, gets closer. Skip about halfway through this video: http://babymarlie.blogspot.com/2006/07/fashion-and-family.html

Homer, the American Eskimo, will sniff her head every once in a while, mostly when she's crying, as if he's asking her to quieten down. Of course, he's a fine one to make that sort of request.

Dan Wickett

Poor Hannah looks a little guilty in this photo. Have you checked to make sure no books have been chewed on lately?

mai wen

Awww, I love the Eskie, cuz I have one of course!! Check out my family photo (minus the hubby since he was taking it)... you'll have to let me know how you're Eskie is with kids, I've heard dubious reports on that and Dixie, my Eskie, is unsure about kids as of now even though we've tried to expose her a ton to them...


mai wen

P.S. My Eskie, the white one in the middle of course, is a Mini, which is why she probably looks super small to you compared to your Eskie!! We adore her so much, I wish there was some magic potion to keep her alive forever. :-\

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