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June 12, 2006


Levi Asher

Funny, funny ... Jeff, I am looking fwd to our Bronx journey and I like your choice of the term "Satan's Minion's" to describe the Yankees. I'll be sure to wear a short-sleeved shirt so I can show you the tattoo.

About the North Carolina survey, well, yeah, there is some Cormac-related cringing going on here right now, but on the other hand it's nice to see Charles Frazier get some respect. He is from North Carolina, after all, so it would have been a crime if he didn't show up on this list. I'm disappointed, though, that North Carolina is joining New York in the belief that John Updike wrote four books about a guy named Rabbit and nothing else. My new battle cry may be "Forget the rabbit, read the rest".

See you tomorrow ... don't work too hard, we got baseball to go to.


Hey, I was just there - well, NYC, not Jersey. Went for the first time over the weekend. Here are my 2 questions: why is the fruit on the street so cheap, and where does it come from???

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