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May 05, 2006



If you liked the pamphlet on 'Fallout Protection,' this 'Community Emergency Planning for Indian Point: A Guide for You and Your Family'(distributed in Westchester County, NY) might amuse you: http://www.westchestergov.com/indianpoint/planningforemerg.htm
Sample questions: How will I know if there's an emergency? Should I stay indoors? Should I evacuate?
I love the 'different levels of incidents' (p. 13)The absurd only seems to get more absurd with time.


I have the "Fallout Protection" booklet from a July 1962 trip to Washington with my family. We got it at the Pentagon, with other helpful books about stocking our fallout shelter. Very familiar stuff to those of us in the duck-and-cover generation. And by October of that year, it looked as if we were going to need it!

חופשת סקי

I discovered they was involved, I was like everyone else, and it was Pierce and Pop, who made it, I am filled with joy and curiosity.

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