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May 09, 2006



Most people don't succeed on their first serious attempt, but your chances of succeeding go way up with every subsequent attempt. Just think, with the new job a chance to build some new habits and routines.

Good luck, man.


Hey man. I've slipped so many times on the cigarette front myself. All you have to do is keep fighting the good fight. So you slipped up. You're human. Just get the butts out of your system and be good to yourself. Also, exercise is also a great way to deal with stress. Take care, man.


Good luck, Jeff. You can do it.


Good luck, Jeff! Just think of Courtney Love's writing whenever you feel like smoking. You won't feel like doing anything!


Good luck, Jeff! A fun SBC-approved substitute for a ciggie: Locopops!



Good luck. (I know how bad it sucks.)


I wish you the best of luck, I know you will succeed!

Quit Smoking

Good luck in all your efforts. It will be hard but you WILL succeed :)


Good luck in giving up smoking. I for one, am trying to stop smoking and I have tried almost everything on the market. It is about time that all of us smokers realized we are only making the governments more money, and the tobacco company executives richer. Don’t worry about putting on weight either because not only can you get successful Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy, it is also possible to use Lose Weight Hypnotherapy to keep the weight down while you are quitting. I am going to give this a go.

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i managed to quit after i survived the complications from what should've been 2 simple surgeries. Well, i got so scared i can die cos of this ugly nasty habit that i switched to a
blu cig device and never let that out of my hands since than. So, go get a surgery with complications and you''re off the hook.

smokeless cigarette

At the time of smoking we are taking carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in to your lung through tobacco burning. This carbon dioxide will be mixed with your blood and slowly it will reduce your efficiency of doing work. I mean you will feel tired. You cannot run as fast as non smoker can run. Smoking will create breath problems.

Shala Ohms

Was the attempt successful? Smokers find it hard to quit because cigarettes are very addictive. I just hope that you get to quit smoking and start a healthier life.

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