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April 20, 2006



I am a blue blood
I will admit that
I dance in blue shoes and wear a blue hat
Live in a blue house
On a blue street
In a blue town
By a blue creek
I write my blue songs
With my blue pen
I sing the blue notes
To my blue friends
Now I don't that much about you
But I like you
Because you're true blue


I'd recommend getting a baby swing. They are great for quieting fussy babies when nothing else works, also sometimes you are going to want a break. I would not rule out pink too much, or atleast something purple with flowers, otherwise when you take the baby out you will have people asking you:

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

After this event occurs a few hundred times you'll want to scoop out your ears with a spork then pink won't start looking so bad.


And speaking of 'blue,' syntax doesn't get much better than 'Things as they are/Are changed upon the blue guitar. . ." a favorite line of mine from Wallace Stevens. Just imagine color as metaphor instead of a defining principle of a baby's gender. Of course, the baby doesn't care what color she is wearing, until she gets to be about three . . .


The pink scourge! What is with it? Some sort of "Free to Be You and Me" backlash? Whatever, it's a drag. I was at a Babies R Us the other week and it was either buy pink or get my friend's little girl something printed with tractors, helicopters and hammers.

Where available I try to pick up clothes in orange for my friends' kids. So adorable. Your yellows and greens sound beautiful too.


I am so annoyed by the pink=girl blue=boy nonsense... I'm trying to also get lots of greens, yellows and bright colors for my boy. And maybe even a bit of pink just for fun! Also don't get why girl=princess/pretty pony/flowers/butterflies and boy=modes of transportation/sports equipment/weapons of destruction.


well im not big on babies much, but i am on color theory. ever wonder why mcdonalds is a place you go but never seem to stay too long? red and yellow. The color red promotes anger, and the color yellow makes babies cry. funny because when i was a baby my colors were neon colors usually green blue and orange and yeah... pink but i love neon colors. i dont like the color pink u posted, my sisters had the yellow colors, and they were very fussy babies. also red chairs are not a cool thing, its kinda like lighting a fire under your butt, u dont seem to want to sit down for long. blue= relaxation as well as light brown and dark green think starbucks, walk in, order, sit down for a few minutes. i suggest if your going to use light colors, like pink or yellow or something, make them a real faded color. and if its a color that usually comes dark, like green, make it green but only in small amounts, you want a relaxed baby but not one that is practically a doll. lifeless.

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