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March 08, 2006



There are 3 former and 2 current Braves on that Canadian team - that's how they won.

Their roster still has a lot of major-leaguers. Granted, they all have funny accents and they probably all live in igloos or something...


Don't sleep on Matt Stairs. Just imagine if Mark Teahen had accepted Canada's call....


The same question was asked when our All-Star basketball team lost in the Olympics. "How could we lose to so-and-so??"

Either the US doesn't have as much of a lock on certain sports as they thought they did, or the major leaguers who play for these teams can't be bothered to play to their normal best when there aren't million dollar salaries and endorsement deals on the line.

Or, it's a combination of the two.


Baseball can be a crapshoot on a game-by-game basis - as evidenced by the Devil Rays beating the Yankees multiple times every year.

Steve Clackson

Just think their national sport is La crosse!


I thought it was curling.

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