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March 02, 2006



Ooh, I tried to set up my own league this year and we're stuck at only four players (http://roboball.wordpress.com). I'm going to refer all my players here and request to join myself. As I was #2 last year, I expect to win this year.

But make me one promise: There has to be a ton of smack talk and hilarious, original banter on the league message boards, and there has to be a way to encourage transactions! I think our trade of Smoltz for Chavez last year was the only trade of the year!


LTR, you're in, and all of your league's folks are more than welcome. I couldn't agree w/ you more re: the activity and I promise to do my best to ensure some serious trash talk. I'll contact you soon with the details for you to post at your roboball site.


I'll play... and I'd be able to bring along a friend too... What are you using? Yahoo?


Yep, Yahoo.


I'd like to play if you have an opening.


Bring it on, nothing is more fun than beating Braves fans (in fantasy baseball, of course).

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