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March 21, 2006


Cynthia Closkey

Three thoughts:

  1. You are hereby named World's Greatest Procrastinator.
  2. Your author cloud is precisely what one might guess from even a cursory reading of this blog.
  3. I now so much want to catalog all my books, and I have no time for it. Curse you for this!

I hope the rest of the packing is going well. Are you boxing books alphabetically, by topic, or in some other grouping? Or are you reduced at last to getting them boxed in watever damn order?


I, too, am extremely jealous of this. I'm calculating the amount of vacation time I've got against just how freakin' long it would take me to organize my own collection.

Also I've got to read "Life of Pi," apparently.

john barlow

I am also jealous. But hey, what if your books are out of print, foreign, or for some other reason not on amazon? You might be in possession of an enormous stack of second rate Victorian erotica, for example, or several thousand Norwegian comic novels. I know I am.


Cindy, procrastination is a well-practiced art in my house.
TJ, outsource it, my friend.
John, you can enter your Victorian erotica and stuff manually.

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